Monday, June 14, 2010

What Signs Of The Cheater?

For the couples, cheating to your partner is most afraid of especially to the girls. I know most of the time, boy always cheated in relationship. But how to know whether you boyfriend is cheated to you or not? because most of the time guys always good in keeping secret. So here is the sign for the cheater:

1) Secrets

He become vague about where he's going or what he's busy with. Plus he gets jumpy when you try picking up his phone or handphone

2) New hobbies

Have you noticed new hobbies, new tastes and even new music style which up till now, he's said he'd never do?

3) Need alone time?

He needs space, space and more space all of sudden. Is he really feeling choked or does he just need to be somewhere else....with someone else?

Source : 17 magazine

p/s : well this about how boys cheated to girls. How about the girls cheating sign? Does anyone know about it? =)

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