Friday, July 9, 2010

Opinion teen about bed and floor

Some people like to sleep on the bed because it is more comfort. Some like to sleep on the floor because much more spacer and free to move. Well, it seem sleep on the bed is much more comfort compare to the floor. Everyone know that, right? Here the issue, some teenger like to sleep on the floor than on the bed. No kidding. This happen especially at the hostel. But why?

In hostel, it is a different story. Sleeping on the bed sometime makes feel uncomfortable especially when you sleep on the top of the double-dacker bed. Sure it is much more hotter, seriously. On the next day you may find you will sweat a lot. It look like you have done some exercise during sleep!! That's why some people especially student prefer to sleep on the floor. Especially direct below the fan. So refreshing...=)

"But it they sleep on the floor, do they don't feel any backaches or back pain because you know the floor is flat"

Yes, there are. But all the backache does not happen during teenager age but it only happen when you are start to aging. If feel you have back pain after sleep on the floor, that's mean you already start to get old...haha To avoid that, just put comforter and several pillow. But sleep on the floor also have contraindication to certain people such as people who having asthma. It's not good for them because the floor is very dusty.

p/s: if you single, you can sleep everywhere you can. But if you are married, sleep on the bed okey =)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How Facebook can be dangerous...

Who doesn't know about facebook nowadays. Almost everybody in this world have their facebook account. It almost like a new phenomena that occur right now. 'What is facebook? Is it your face appear in the book?' Of course not that kind of facebook. It is a new social network where it connect people around the world. They have many functions in facebook such as send email, chat with people online, post our status, comment on picture, playing games and many more.

OK, enough with the introduction. Let's straight to the point. Facebook can be fun but it also can be dangerous. What kind of dangerous? Of course it cannot explode or killing people. Let's check the list:

1) It can lower the productivity of company and nation

People may think how could this possible. Well, it seem possible because most of the facebooker are addictive to the facebook. Look at them. From they arrived at the office until end of office hour, they still look at the facebook site. Majority of them are just playing online game that available in facebook such as Farmville, Mafia War and many more. In other word, wasting their time.

2) It is a heaven for stalker

When you have the account, you probably insert all about your information into the account. Could you imagine what if there are a hacker and stole our information for their own good. Could it be possible?

3) Children didn't do or finish their homework

Most of the game available are interesting and fun. This can be dangerous especially to children.Their homework and assignment could not be finish on time because too much wasting time on playing games.

4) It can connect people who is dangerous

Well, this seem true because facebook connecting people around the world. Don't be surprice Osama Laden can be one of your friendlist...haha Then, you can be consider as terrorist also...=)

Well, it actually how you spend on facebook. If you can manage wisely, then it is okey. If not, suggest you seek for therapist for your addiction

p/s: I like facebook, but I used it to reconnect to all my old friend only....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tips: How to know whether she likes you!! (part 1)

Here some tips to the guys. If you are flirting, I know some of you guys don't even know what is the possible sign from her. What I mean is a positive and good sign which she mean interested in you. This tips is not from me. Well, I'm not doctor love or something. This tips is just information to share from what I have read but I'm not sure whether the tips is true or not

1) She will gaze in your eyes with deep interest and probably you will see her pupil dilated.

Me say: Maybe she's on drug effect. Who knows right...haha

2) Her skin tone become red while being around you.

Me say: Maybe you and her standing on the bright sun. That's why her skin turn red

3) She rubs her chin or touches her cheek. This indicate that she's thinking about you and her in some way

Me say: Her chin or cheek may feel itchy. That's why she rubbing them..

4) She winks at you while talking to you or wink at you from distance.

Me says: An insect goes into her eye or maybe she got eye disease. That's why she cannot stop winking..haha

5) Biting of the lips or showing of the tongue, licking her lips or touching of her front teeth

Me says: Sound to me like she's feel horny, better stay away dude...

6) She puts her fingernail between her teeth.

Me says: I thinks she likes to bite her fingernail. It's her habit anyway

7) She laugh in unison or together with you

Me says: Maybe she feel the joke that you made is no hilarious and feel pity for you

8) She touch your arm, shoulder, thigh or hand while talking to you

Me says: If no reason why she likes to touch? Quite strange for me

9) Plays with her jewelery, especially with stroking and pulling motions

Me says: She just to show off that she had an expensive jewelery

10) She twirls her hair around her fingers while she is looking at you

Me says: Maybe she say "Look at my hair". Who knows, right?

p/s: that's for today, there's a lot more...=)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A guy who doesn't like football is not a man?

Now is a World Cup season, everyone is talking about football. Even when I was blog walking, most of the blogs talk about the match, the result, why do they hate the player and so on. Not only guys are talk about football, girls, women, mom, grandma even possibly your maid also will talk about football. I will not to talk about the matches and game, this is to common to me.

Here is the issue, have you ever wonder there are still guy who do not like football at all?

Man and football cannot be separated. When you go to the Mamak stalls at night, there are a huge of crowd of man will be watching the football. When their favorite team score, all we hear is GGOOAAALLL. But if different team got score, some may say BBOOOO. Wow, that's mean they really enjoy the game. =)

Same also at home, some guy sacrifice their sweat dream moment just to watch the game. Even if they'll fall asleep, they already set the alarm just because don't want to miss the watch. I think this man-feel-sleepy-at-class-a-day-after-match season it's quite normal. You will notice this guy's eye turn to red and first impression in your mind "this guy had been watched the game all night"

You are man, you suppose to like football also. Is that true? Oh...let's me talk this to straight, guy who do not like football cannot be a man? You gotta be kidding man. Who decided that? Then, what's the function do they have their balls? Sorry to use distracted word...haha. Well, every man is different, some may like football and some may not. You just have to understand and respect them. Not hard feeling OK? =)

p/s: I like to watch football, but in highlight only. I like to see when they are score but not to the whole game. =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teenager and their handset??

What so exciting about handset to teenagers? It's seem they cannot be separated from their handset. So, what so make handset important to them?

"I love my handset, they are like my buddy. Where ever I have been, I'm always keep my handset around me"

"If I lost my handset, it is just like I lost my soul"

"I just use my handset when necessary only. If I don't use it, I just put it away until I have to search it back"

There are a few more opinion when I asked about this. Most of teenagers seem make their handset as their best friend. Well, I think it quite normal because it just like entertainment to them. They are many function available in new model nowadays. So, here it list that I found out why handset is important to them:

1) to talk and to give text (sms) to their lover
2) to take picture of themselves and friends (maybe to upload it into Facebook)
3) use 3G, especially to lovers when they miss them
4) some use handset just to see the clock only ( I think watches had been forgotten this days)
5) As reminder about assignment, homework, meeting and birthdays
6) use to hear music, radio and video as entertainment
7) to check email and Facebook
8) to update blog

Well, it depend to them what usage of the handset as long the usage are not used for the bad thing. So, what about you? =)

p/s : I just wondering, are there any teenager who still does not have handset? Even primary school's student have their own handset

Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you like a nerd guy?

What is nerd? Here the list to see whether you are nerd or not:

1) Wearing glasses
2) Don't like to mix with people, in other word, not very socialize person
3) Always with the book around them
4) Very tidy hair style
5) Always been bullied by other people
6) When they walk, they will look down and don't look around
7) Put button up until their neck
I would like to ask especially to the girl. Do you prefer nerd as you boyfriend? Most of my freind feel, they like to hang out with the nerd because they feel safer than other guy. This probably right. Most of the nerd are very, very kind person. They look so innocent, sometime look funny also. =)

Nerd may look not very attractive, but they are very smart person. Most of the successful person in the world is the nerd. For example, Bill Gate. During his study, he always been bullied by his classmate because don't know how to socialize. But, look at him now. He is the richest person in the planet.

Some girls prefer to hang out with the coolest and handsome guy. Some may also like to hang out with the nerd especially during studying, because they always help you in study and they are so smart. Nerd can also sometimes look very charming..

p/s: do you like nerd guy? =)

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Signs Of The Cheater?

For the couples, cheating to your partner is most afraid of especially to the girls. I know most of the time, boy always cheated in relationship. But how to know whether you boyfriend is cheated to you or not? because most of the time guys always good in keeping secret. So here is the sign for the cheater:

1) Secrets

He become vague about where he's going or what he's busy with. Plus he gets jumpy when you try picking up his phone or handphone

2) New hobbies

Have you noticed new hobbies, new tastes and even new music style which up till now, he's said he'd never do?

3) Need alone time?

He needs space, space and more space all of sudden. Is he really feeling choked or does he just need to be somewhere else....with someone else?

Source : 17 magazine

p/s : well this about how boys cheated to girls. How about the girls cheating sign? Does anyone know about it? =)

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