Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teenager and their handset??

What so exciting about handset to teenagers? It's seem they cannot be separated from their handset. So, what so make handset important to them?

"I love my handset, they are like my buddy. Where ever I have been, I'm always keep my handset around me"

"If I lost my handset, it is just like I lost my soul"

"I just use my handset when necessary only. If I don't use it, I just put it away until I have to search it back"

There are a few more opinion when I asked about this. Most of teenagers seem make their handset as their best friend. Well, I think it quite normal because it just like entertainment to them. They are many function available in new model nowadays. So, here it list that I found out why handset is important to them:

1) to talk and to give text (sms) to their lover
2) to take picture of themselves and friends (maybe to upload it into Facebook)
3) use 3G, especially to lovers when they miss them
4) some use handset just to see the clock only ( I think watches had been forgotten this days)
5) As reminder about assignment, homework, meeting and birthdays
6) use to hear music, radio and video as entertainment
7) to check email and Facebook
8) to update blog

Well, it depend to them what usage of the handset as long the usage are not used for the bad thing. So, what about you? =)

p/s : I just wondering, are there any teenager who still does not have handset? Even primary school's student have their own handset

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