Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A guy who doesn't like football is not a man?

Now is a World Cup season, everyone is talking about football. Even when I was blog walking, most of the blogs talk about the match, the result, why do they hate the player and so on. Not only guys are talk about football, girls, women, mom, grandma even possibly your maid also will talk about football. I will not to talk about the matches and game, this is to common to me.

Here is the issue, have you ever wonder there are still guy who do not like football at all?

Man and football cannot be separated. When you go to the Mamak stalls at night, there are a huge of crowd of man will be watching the football. When their favorite team score, all we hear is GGOOAAALLL. But if different team got score, some may say BBOOOO. Wow, that's mean they really enjoy the game. =)

Same also at home, some guy sacrifice their sweat dream moment just to watch the game. Even if they'll fall asleep, they already set the alarm just because don't want to miss the watch. I think this man-feel-sleepy-at-class-a-day-after-match season it's quite normal. You will notice this guy's eye turn to red and first impression in your mind "this guy had been watched the game all night"

You are man, you suppose to like football also. Is that true? Oh...let's me talk this to straight, guy who do not like football cannot be a man? You gotta be kidding man. Who decided that? Then, what's the function do they have their balls? Sorry to use distracted word...haha. Well, every man is different, some may like football and some may not. You just have to understand and respect them. Not hard feeling OK? =)

p/s: I like to watch football, but in highlight only. I like to see when they are score but not to the whole game. =)

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