Friday, July 9, 2010

Opinion teen about bed and floor

Some people like to sleep on the bed because it is more comfort. Some like to sleep on the floor because much more spacer and free to move. Well, it seem sleep on the bed is much more comfort compare to the floor. Everyone know that, right? Here the issue, some teenger like to sleep on the floor than on the bed. No kidding. This happen especially at the hostel. But why?

In hostel, it is a different story. Sleeping on the bed sometime makes feel uncomfortable especially when you sleep on the top of the double-dacker bed. Sure it is much more hotter, seriously. On the next day you may find you will sweat a lot. It look like you have done some exercise during sleep!! That's why some people especially student prefer to sleep on the floor. Especially direct below the fan. So refreshing...=)

"But it they sleep on the floor, do they don't feel any backaches or back pain because you know the floor is flat"

Yes, there are. But all the backache does not happen during teenager age but it only happen when you are start to aging. If feel you have back pain after sleep on the floor, that's mean you already start to get old...haha To avoid that, just put comforter and several pillow. But sleep on the floor also have contraindication to certain people such as people who having asthma. It's not good for them because the floor is very dusty.

p/s: if you single, you can sleep everywhere you can. But if you are married, sleep on the bed okey =)

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