Saturday, June 26, 2010

How Facebook can be dangerous...

Who doesn't know about facebook nowadays. Almost everybody in this world have their facebook account. It almost like a new phenomena that occur right now. 'What is facebook? Is it your face appear in the book?' Of course not that kind of facebook. It is a new social network where it connect people around the world. They have many functions in facebook such as send email, chat with people online, post our status, comment on picture, playing games and many more.

OK, enough with the introduction. Let's straight to the point. Facebook can be fun but it also can be dangerous. What kind of dangerous? Of course it cannot explode or killing people. Let's check the list:

1) It can lower the productivity of company and nation

People may think how could this possible. Well, it seem possible because most of the facebooker are addictive to the facebook. Look at them. From they arrived at the office until end of office hour, they still look at the facebook site. Majority of them are just playing online game that available in facebook such as Farmville, Mafia War and many more. In other word, wasting their time.

2) It is a heaven for stalker

When you have the account, you probably insert all about your information into the account. Could you imagine what if there are a hacker and stole our information for their own good. Could it be possible?

3) Children didn't do or finish their homework

Most of the game available are interesting and fun. This can be dangerous especially to children.Their homework and assignment could not be finish on time because too much wasting time on playing games.

4) It can connect people who is dangerous

Well, this seem true because facebook connecting people around the world. Don't be surprice Osama Laden can be one of your friendlist...haha Then, you can be consider as terrorist also...=)

Well, it actually how you spend on facebook. If you can manage wisely, then it is okey. If not, suggest you seek for therapist for your addiction

p/s: I like facebook, but I used it to reconnect to all my old friend only....

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